standards and compliance

spray research is organized to meet the stringent Good Laboratory Practices standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [40 CFR 160] and Food and Drug Administration [21 CFR 58]. These standards were developed because the importance of non-clinical laboratory studies to these agencies' public health decisions demands that they be conducted according to scientifically sound protocols and with meticulous attention to quality. 

Our compliance not only allows data generated at spray research, inc. to be submitted to these agencies as technical support (with the addition of a third-party auditing function), but all testing, research and development work at spray research is performed to these same rigorous Standard Operating Procedures. High levels of data integrity and experimental repeatability are assured. 

In 1997 the laboratory's electronic signature and record keeping procedures were updated to comply with the revised requirements under 21 CFR 11.

Of all the decisions involved in developing a set of experimental protocols that will result in data truly representative of the spray under investigation, perhaps the most difficult involves the selection and number of sampling locations within the spray envelope. No other issue [other than the selection of the instrument's diameter and velocity range] has as great an influence on the reported spray performance of an atomizer.


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Last modified: September 12, 2013