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spray research, inc. offers a wide range of research, development, analysis, testing and consulting services related to spray atomizers and their application in industrial processes. 


Our lab has been carefully structured to complement the existing testing and development capabilities of the major nozzle manufacturers and public research institutions. The primary laboratory tool is a DANTEC  laser phase Doppler particle analyzer, a powerful and widely accepted analysis technique for use on well-atomized sprays and solid particles. A video-based droplet analyzer, particularly well-suited to coarse and not fully-atomized sprays, is also available. 

Several high speed video motion analysis systems provide detailed visualizations of spray dynamics at speeds of up to 6000 frames per second.

The lab is equipped and fully instrumented to operate dual-fluid atomizers with either compressed air or steam. Our in-house boiler can supply saturated steam at up to 90 kg/hr at 8.5 barg [200 pph at 125 psig], while the lab is instrumented to accommodate up to 450 kg/hr [1200 pph] with steam provided by a portable boiler. 

The primary spray chamber is totally self-contained, allowing the safe and responsible testing of simulants, non-water fluids and slurries. Fluid distribution within the spray is measured with a variety of patternators, generating rapid patternations of the spray along any axis or transect. A sophisticated video coordinate measurement system provides a powerful enhancement to reverse engineering, re-engineering and product/process development efforts.

A custom-built pressure spray chamber allows investigation of sprays behavior at environmental pressures of up to 8.0 barg [115 psig]. Full-scale evaluations of atomizer performance under process conditions are facilitated by our low-speed wind tunnel/process duct section. A selection of blowers can impose co-, counter- and cross-current air velocities of up to 50 m/sec [170 feet per second] for near field studies of spray interactions.

The laboratory is organized to meet the stringent Good Laboratory Practices standards of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [40 CFR 160] and Food and Drug Administration [21 CFR 58].  Our compliance not only allows data generated at spray research, inc. to be submitted to these agencies as technical support (with the addition of a third-party auditing function), but all testing, research and development work at spray research is performed to these same rigorous Standard Operating Procedures. High levels of data integrity and experimental repeatability are assured. 


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