coordinate measurement system

Our coordinate measurement system is a Ram Optical OMIS II video probe unit with a 100 x 200 x 200mm (Y-X-Z) stage travel delivering a resolution of one micron. The OMIS II meets the most demanding needs of non-contact inspection and measurement applications by combining the strengths of a traditional optical comparator, toolmaker’s microscope and coordinate measuring machine in one integrated package. 
The OMIS II makes highly precise and accurate measurements and provides a wide range of measurement data. The system is fitted with three fiber-optic light sources [epi-axial, ring and collimated transmission (bottom)] providing cool, bright and even illumination over a wide range of complex part geometries. 

Part geometries can be programmed so that the measurement process is highly automated, ensuring that the inspection is fully documented and repeatable. The measurement analysis software accommodates measurement routines which include comparison of actual values to nominals and tolerances. Outputs include customizable SPC hard-copy documentation and data files, graphics printouts and CAD/CAM-compatible DXF files (for exporting part geometries).  

The precise measurement, analysis and positioning that characterize the OMIS II are critical to correlating spray performance to actual atomizer geometry. We employ the OMIS II extensively on successive prototypes during atomizer development and reverse-engineering projects. Dimensional inspection with the system is the first step in qualifying atomizers for critical applications in the pharmaceutical and energy sectors. 

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Last modified: September 12, 2013