Kodak/Spin Physics EktaPro 1000

The EktaPro 1000 is a two-imager high-speed video system capable of recording at speeds from 30 frames per second up to 1000 frames per second [6000 frames per second in partial-frame mode]. The imagers [1] are solid state NMOS devices with a resolution of 240 x 192 pixels. One of the imagers is an intensified imager particularly well-suited to difficult or low-level lighting situations.

The system records to a proprietary tape cassette of limited capacity [2]. Recording times range from 16 minutes at 30 fps to less than 30 seconds at 1000 fps.

A data frame border [3] can be selectively displayed over the images. The displayed data can include imager status, system status, strobe delay, frame rate, elapsed recording time, real time and date, session number, frame counter, reticule position and system messages. Up to eight channels of analog external data can be incorporated into the display by routing the signals through the External Data Interface. The Interface also provides external triggering for the MAS strobes. 

Up to eight individual digital images can be stored and displayed as overlays on the live or recorded images. 

Lighting is provided by a combination of 1000W quartz lamps and narrow-beam strobes. The strobes can cycle at up to 1000 flashes per second. Flash duration is 20 microseconds. 



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