The primary rack-mount HSV-200 is a two-camera high-speed video system providing a recording speed of 200 frames per second. The plumbicon-based cameras deliver moderate-resolution images in either color or black and white. The cameras are fitted with mechanical shutters capable of shutter speeds from 1.0 to 0.1 milliseconds. 
The two cameras allow the experiment to be recorded from two viewpoints, or to simultaneously record upstream and downstream behavior. 

The system records directly to standard VHS tape, delivering a continuous recording time of 28 minutes using ST-120 tape cassettes. The long recording time makes this system particularly useful for investigations involving multi-spray interactions, cyclical atomizer operations, batch and mixing processes and systems exhibiting periodic low-to-moderate frequency oscillations.

A separate Rate Converter provides two frames of digital image storage. The stored images can be superimposed during playback to allow velocity measurements, or to compare the recorded record to selected baseline conditions.

Up to ten independent analog data channels can be superimposed on the video record by routing the signals through the V-91 Data Processor. 

A second single-camera HSV-200 system is configured as a highly portable stand-alone workstation. The workstation has identical specifications as the rack-mount system, but does not have image storage or data channel capabilities.


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