flux density distribution ["patternation"]

The flux density distribution of a spray is also widely referred to as a "patternation". A patternation presents the liquid distribution across the spray envelope:

The distribution of liquid discharged from spray nozzles is of critical importance in many industrial applications. Many applications require arrays of nozzles in order to effectively cover large areas. Optimization of atomizer arrays depends upon accurate and comprehensive spray flux density measurements of both the individual atomizer and of a cell of the array. Precise measurement of spray distribution is also necessary to determine appropriate sampling protocols for drop size and velocity measurements.

At spray research, flux density distributions are performed using one of several tube patternators, our proprietary scanning rate-of-change patternator or by normalizing the pdpa data for the diameter- and trajectory-dependent sample volume and particle transit time. 



tube patternator

scanning patternator pdpa mass-flux  

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Last modified: September 12, 2013