DANTEC FiberFlow 1-D laser phased Doppler particle analyzer

The DANTEC Fiber PDPA system can measure, simultaneously, the size, velocity and concentration of spherical particles in liquid and gaseous flows. Simultaneous measurement of both size and velocity allows correlations to be made between these two quantities.
The equipment is based on phase Doppler anemometry (PDA) which is an extension of laser Doppler anemometry (LPA). Velocity is measured from the frequency of the Doppler burst, as with LPA, while size measurement is based on the comparison of the signals collected by two photo-detectors at different angular positions with respect to the measurement volume: the two signals have a phase difference that is dependent on the particle diameter. This method of size measurement provides a very high dynamic range combined with a high accuracy that is further enhanced by employing three detectors forming two pairs. The use of three detectors also extends the size and range, and allows the discrimination against non-spherical particles.

photo: Dantec MT

Fiber PDA’s are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Combustion (oil burners, engine development, fuel injector development)

  • Droplets in nozzle sprays (painting, cooling etc.)

  • Droplets in the atmosphere (rain, fog, clouds, icing)

  • Industrial sprays (agricultural sprays, spray drying etc.)

  • Powder metallurgy

  • Control of industrial and anti-pollution equipment

  • Micro-bubbles in cavitation tunnels

  • Dispersion and mixing phenomena (oil drops in water, etc.)


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