spray impact

A number of industrial processes require the delivery of high-impact water sprays.

above: impact force mapping of de-scaling nozzle

Examples include de-scaling on continuous casting lines, removal of solder flux on dense surface-mount printed circuit boards, sheet cooling in hot-rolling mills and sludge transport in waste water treatment plants.

The most common method of evaluating spray impact involves load cell measurements with a target of known impact area. Measurements are taken at a number of locations within the spray envelope. At spray research, our load cell device shares the technology of our proprietary scanning rate-of-change patternator, providing rapid impact force mapping.

Unfortunately, the bulk impact assessments provided by such devices are of only modest usefulness in most critical processes. For these situations, the droplet momentum, velocity and diameter are most significant, and the phase Doppler particle analyzer becomes the preferred analytical tool.


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Last modified: September 12, 2013