low-speed wind tunnel/process duct section

In 1997, spray research significantly expanded its process development and general experimental capabilities with the addition of a custom low-speed wind tunnel/process duct section. This modular open-circuit tunnel features a unique configurable stilling/contraction section that supports either a 0.6m x 0.6m  [24"x24"] or 0.9m x 0.6m [36"x24"] test section. Each test section module is 0.9m [36"] long. Up to three section modules can be ganged. The second and third modules are fitted with progressive fillets in order to control the growth of the boundary layer over the extended length. 
The standard tunnel configuration is as an in-draft tunnel. The tunnel can also be converted to a blower tunnel [at a modest reduction in capacity], which has the advantage of being able to accommodate a wider range of custom test section geometries.

above: schematic of in-draft wind tunnel

Variable frequency controllers drive the axial vane fan or centrifugal blower, delivering air flow velocities from 3 m/sec [10 fps] to a maximum of 25 m/sec [83 fps].  

The modular design makes the tunnel highly configurable to more closely simulate actual industrial duct installations. This capability allows more realistic evaluations of atomizer performance to be performed. For example, space limitations often dictate that gas conditioning atomizers be installed in near proximity to up- or down-stream turns in the ducting. By configuring the tunnel to duplicate these duct geometries, the affect on the spray of the turbulent eddies, vortices and flow instabilities created by these duct features can be investigated.

Additional modules are being planned that will allow the tunnel to be run in closed-circuit mode. This upgrade will allow a wider range of gas conditions and liquid simulants to be studied.

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Last modified: September 12, 2013