atomizer qualification

A number of industrial spray processes involve high-value products for which even minor deviations in spray quality can quickly result in significant monetary losses. Examples of such processes include the spray drying and coating of pharmaceuticals, spray production of high molecular weight polymer micro beads, spray coating of micro-electronic components, spray application of barrier coats and resists etc.

spray research provides qualification of the individual atomizers used in these processes. This atomizer qualification ensures that the given process will yield in-tolerance product when the atomizer is changed out for cleaning, periodic maintenance or replacement. 

Our experience in qualifying atomizers used in pharmaceutical spray dryers and Wurster coaters suggests that less than 50% of the originally purchased atomizers will meet the dimensional tolerances required to maintain rigorous product quality [view dimensional example]. Of these, approximately 30% will fail to meet the spray performance standards [view performance example]. Final yields of qualified atomizers for these processes typically range from 30% to 40%. 


the qualification process

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Last modified: September 12, 2013