on-site testing

Occasionally, even with the impressive laboratory resources available at spray research, testing must be performed on-site.
  • It may be uneconomical to duplicate a complex process configuration.

  • Perhaps we cannot handle the particular test substances responsibly and safely.

  • The testing may be part of a facility's final permitting evaluation.

  • The process conditions may exceed the safe operating ranges of our experimental setups.

In these cases, spray research can perform the required testing at your site using our analysis equipment. On-site testing often entails the development of specialized instrument housings and probe configurations. Instrument alignments may have to be achieved remotely and special purge techniques employed to maintain an unobstructed optical path. The in-house design, prototyping and testing capabilities of spray research allow for the cost-effective development and fabrication of these customized instruments and experimental setups. 

Some of the more challenging on-site projects we have completed include:

  • Full-scale mist eliminator carry-over assessments at three large coal-fired utilities using the video and phase Doppler particle analyzers.

  • An adaptive pdpa scanning probe developed to measure droplet loading at the top of a 585' stack downstream of a wet scrubber.

  • The evaluation of the effectiveness of a mist dust control system installed at a large municipal waste-to-energy facility using a wide-area absorptive mass liquid flux array.


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Last modified: September 12, 2013