process development

An important service component of spray research is the development and optimization of industrial processes that utilize spray technologies. Our capability to test with a wide variety of fluids means that process development is often pursued with the actual process fluids rather than with water or simulants. 

In addition to our extensive spray characterization technologies, process optimization efforts commonly utilize our spray dryer, particle separation test bed and low-speed wind tunnel/process duct section

The development of new processes will often require innovative atomizer designs and adaptive spray control systems. Our prototype shop and coordinate measurement equipment contribute to the unusual depth of support services offered by spray research.

  above: evaluation of "bearding" suppression of prototype spray dryer atomizers

spray research
has provided crucial elements to the following process development efforts:

  • linear reactor for the production of ceramic superconductor precursors

  • spray gelation of polysaccharide micro-beads

  • direct spray dampening on large web presses

  • spray production of high molecular weight polymer micro-beads

  • suppression of "bearding" in pharmaceutical spray dryers

  • optimization of feed injection into fluidized catalytic cracker units


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Last modified: September 12, 2013