atomizer performance characterization

It is a truism in the nozzle industry that while the choice of atomizer is made in the final phase of a process development/optimization project [often without much consideration], it is the first component to be blamed when the process encounters difficulties.

Many industrial processes are critically dependent on the spray performance of the atomizer.

  • In spray drying, if the atomizer produces too large a maximum droplet diameter, incompletely dried product will build up on the walls.

  • In high-temperature quenching applications, even modest deviations in the actual dropsize distribution produced by the atomizer can result in excessive downstream temperatures and potential damage to bag house components, scrubbers and precipitators.

  • Uneven liquid distribution within the spray envelope can result in poor mass- and heat-transfer performance in a wide range of industrial processes, while variations in droplet velocities can adversely affect residence time and coating efficiency.

spray research, inc. has the capabilities and expertise to objectively evaluate a particular atomizer's performance and suitability for its intended use. Situations that may indicate a need for an independent performance evaluation of an atomizer include:


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Last modified: September 12, 2013